At Bromley Accounting, our partners and team members serve a broad range of clients across different industries. Thanks to our firm’s long-standing reputation, we’ve assisted countless clients in overcoming obstacles to accomplish their objectives.

Our extensive network, relationships, and expertise uniquely position us to offer reliable advice and assist in strategy formulation whenever our clients need support. 

These projections are integral to business planning. Leveraging our extensive experience, we can either aid businesses in crafting their own projections or manage the entire process on behalf of the client. 



Beyond mere budget and cashflow projections, these represent a declaration of an organization’s identity, its aspirations, and where it envisions itself in the future. This plan encompasses not only numerical aspects but the entirety of the business. Clients can draw upon our experience to assist them in shaping their vision for the future of their business. 

Prior to acquiring a company or business, a Due Diligence process is conducted to scrutinize the records of the target business, verifying its financial standing. We specialize in performing Financial Due Diligence, producing a comprehensive report that meets the criteria of any Financial Institution involved in financing the acquisition. 

Valuations may be necessary for various purposes, including fiscal assessments for tax considerations, as well as non-fiscal valuations such as during the sale of shares in a private company or in shareholder disputes. Each valuation type demands a unique approach. With our extensive experience in both fiscal and non-fiscal valuations, we also specialize in negotiating with HMRC regarding fiscal assessments. 

Increasingly, restructuring serves to facilitate the inclusion of new shareholders in a company or group, or alternatively, to offer an exit strategy. Strategically planned restructuring can effectively reduce tax liabilities. The process entails numerous technical and complex aspects, and we possess the experience and expertise to navigate them to the advantage of our clients. 

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